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ANALYTIK NEWS - Das Online-Magazin für Labor und Analytik
Animated IR Spectrum Acetophenone
Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities
Australian Proteome Analysis Facility
Bad Science
BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
BIOINFORMATICS PRACTICAL Protein sequence and structure analysis - a practical guide
Bio Netbook - Institut Pasteur
Biopolymer Calculator
BioSystematica - gel analysis software & gel documentation systems
Blood Types Tutorial
BMERC Computational Biology, structure prediction, functional profiles, and genome analysis.
CBS Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
CBS home page
CINEMA Colour INteractive Editor for Multiple Alignments
CMBI - Bioinformatics courses
Common Molecules
Delila_ Software for Information Analysis of Protein and Nucleic-acid Sequences, including Sequ
Dictyostelium Genome Analysis
DNA Testing, Paternity Test - DNA Paternity Testing Laboratory - Prophase Genetics
ELISA Testverfahren
EMBL, BIOcomputing unit, 3D modeling, protein structure analysis
EVL - Electronic Visualization Laboratory
ExPASy - SeqAnalRef Sequence analysis bibliographic reference database
Functional Analysis of Genes of Yeast Chromosome V by Genetic Footprinting
Funktionstests Hämatologie-Immunologie
Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyl Transferase Mutation Analysis Database
Gel documentation and analysis, chemiluminescent blots and detect photon emissions - Alpha Innotech Corp.
Genetest - DNA Paternity- and Prenatal Paternity Testing Laboratory - AABB Accredited - shipping worldwide
Genome Analysis Protocols BEST OF
Genome Analysis Protocols
Genome Analysis. Sequence Analysis Server Page
Genome Analysis. Sequence Analysis Workbenches
Gentechnik Nach Hugo kommt Hupo
Genzyme Virotech - Homepage
Gold labeling of proteins for electron microscopy
GRASP Graphical Analysis of Structural Properties
Hector Parr's Essays Time and Quantum Measurement
Home DNA Paternity Testing - Provides home paternity testing with dna test kits.
Homepage of WinPep
IFR SPM Scanning Probe Microscopy Group - Gute Bilderressource
Image Analysis of Electrophoresis Gels in Proteome Analysis
IMB Jena Biocomputing Group Computer Analysis of Phytochrome Sequences
IMB Jena Biocomputing Group The RNA World Website
Index of Minerals - Data
INDEX Vector - Sequences, Restriction Sites and Maps
Infraserv Wiesbaden Analytik Kalle-Albert - Homepage
InSCIght - 9 October 1997 Forensic Fingerprinting of Cells
Institute for Applied Information Technology
JAFAN Japan Functional Analysis Network for Bacillus subtilis
KISAC Bioinformatics Karolinska Institute (KI) Sequence analysis facility
Laser Safety Analysis of a Retinal Scanning Display System
Learn Medical Statistics Courses for doctors Learning Statistics for Clinicians instant download statistics PDF training DVDs
M7 Analysis of Eukaryotic RNA
MDL Information Systems - scientific software and databases for chemistry
Medicine-Worldwide Mobbing
Medicine-Worldwide Startseite
MedPort - Krankheiten
MicroWorld Resources and News A Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis on the Internet
Molecular Dynamics Home Page
Molecular Sequence Analysis
MOLMOL - MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display
Neuer Lügendetektor Was ich weiß, macht mich heiß
NMR Information Server
Oligonucleotide Visualization
p53 Mutation Database Analysis and Search Top
papers on microarray data analysis
Paracel Inc. for high-throughput bioinformatics and data analysis Paternity Testing Laboratory offering AABB DNA Paternity Testing, Cheap Prices & Free DNA Banking Worldwide. For Confidential Results in 5 days, call 866-273-8323
Pedestrian guide to analysing sequence databases
PredictProtein structure prediction and sequence analysis
ProFound Protein identification by peptide mapping
Reach through APD
Riechstoff-Lexikon - Index
SCOP Structural Classification of Proteins
Sequence Analysis and Comparison A Bibliography
Sequence Analysis with distributed Resources -- Best of
Shortcut to Plasmid Preps
Southerns, Northerns, Westerns, & Cloning_ Molecular Searching Techniques
SRSWWW at EMBL-Heidelberg
Table of Contents Sequenzanalyse
The Module Entry Page Comparative Sequence Analysis
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Microscopy
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Statistics
TRADAT Transcription Database and Analysis Tools
Transport Protein Analysis - Genomic Comparison of Mb Transport Systems
Transport Protein Analysis
Uppsala Software Factory
Webin top page -- The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
WebPlasmid A free web based plasmid drawing program
Welcome to Matrix Science
Wittmann Institute of Technology and Analysis of Biomolecules
WWW PESTfind Protein Analysis