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110 gebührenfreie Internetdatenbanken
3D Molecular Library Biomoleküle
A Database of Human Collagen Mutations
A Genetics Glossary
A P-type ATPase database
Aberrant Splicing Database (16-Sep-1998)
AceDB Table of Contents
AIDS-INFO.NET Größte finanziell unabhängige Database zu HIV und AIDS
Albinism Database
Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Gene Superfamily Database (ALDH-GSD)
Alphabetical Index to the HGMP-RC Biological Resources
American Communication Association WWW Archives
Amos' WWW links page
An Evil House of Cheat - over 1000 free essays, and over 9500 essays in total, termpapers and reports in over 40 categories for
An Overview of iMoirai-i and Associates
Andogen Receptor Mutations Database Home Page
Androgen Receptor Mutations Database Home Page
Anorganische Salze
Antimicrobial Sequences Database
Archiv der Universität Wien
Ark-Cat Genome DB
ARS Genome Database Resource
ASCOLL Assoc.of Systematic Collections
Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities
Bacterial Polysaccharide Gene Database
BankIt -- GenBank Submissions by WWW
BCM - Breast Cancer Gene Database and Search
BCM - Breast Cancer Gene Database
BioABACUS Search
BIOBASE Biological Databases
BioCarta - Charting Pathways of Life
Biocatalysis-Biodegradation Database
BioExchange - Life Sciences and Biotechnology Resource for e-business services, career and employement services, e-commerce sol
BioMedNet Research Tools
BioMedScientistJobs - International Science Jobs
Bio Netbook - Institut Pasteur
Bionity - Informationen für die Biotech- und Pharmabranche
Biopi-l Archive page
BIOSIS, Publishers of BIOSIS Previews, Zoological Record, and other life sciences databases.
BiotechFind - Searchengine for Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, jobs, bioassays, stocks, companies directory - Information and Resources on Bioterrorism
Blood Types Tutorial
BMCD Release 2.00 Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database and NASA Archive
BMCD Release 2.00
Browse Transpath
CDC SPB Disease Information
Center for Bioinformatics_ CBIL_ Databases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Chemikalien-Lexikon - Index
Chlamydia muridarum (strain Nigg) Information
Codon Usage Database online tool
Codon Usage Database
Collections at The Academy of Natural Sciences
Computational Genome Annotation
COPE -- Cytokine Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia
CottonDB Home Page
Cytokine Family Database
Database of WRN gene mutations
Datenbanksuche an der Universität Wien
DBcat - The EBI Biocatalog
DBcat The Biocatalog
DBGET Database Links Diagram
DEAMBULUM Courses - Methods - Tutorials - Guides
Deutscher Bildungsserver Bildungsinformation
Die Suchfibel
Directory of P450-containing Systems
DOGS - Database Of Genome Sizes
DPInteract -- A database on DNA-protein interactions
EducETH - Chemie
EMBL Dali email server for 3-D protein structure database searches
EMBL, BIOcomputing unit, 3D modeling, protein structure analysis
Entrez Home
EPD Sequence Download Page
EpoDB( Erythropoiesis database)
ESTHER Cholinesterasen db
Eukaryotic Promoter Database
ExPASy - PROSITE - Database of protein families and domains
ExPASy - PROSITE DB for protein families and domains
ExPASy - SeqAnalRef Sequence analysis bibliographic reference database
Faktor Database
Famous Curves Index
Fieber-Portal, alles zum Thema Fieber, Thermometer, Ebola, Denguefieber, Fleckfieber, Kinderfieber, Malaria, Lassafieber, Messm -- Newsserver - Suchdienst
FIZ Karlsruhe and STN International - Databases in Science and Technology - Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Energy, Patent
Form for PDB query
Forschungsdatenbank der Universitaet Wien - Hans-Peter Waldbauer - Research Database University Vienna - Forschung FODOK FODAK
Fossil collections
GABAagent databases
Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyl Transferase Mutation Analysis Database
Gefährliche Stoffe Teil 1 Gefahrstoffverordnung - Index
Gelbe Liste Pharmindex -- Infos zu Medikamenten
Genamics SoftwareSeek - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Software and Online Tools Database FREEWARE SUCHE
Genamics SoftwareSeek - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Software and Online Tools Database
GENIOS Wirtschaftsdatenbanken Anbieter Firmeninformationen und Wirtschaftsinformationen. Online-provider mit Presseinformatione
GenomeNet WWW server
Genoscope Centre National de Séquencage
Gesundheit und Medizin im Gesundheits-Web
Giftinformationszentrale Bonn - Giftige und ungiftige Pflanzen
Giftinformationszentrale Bonn - Internet-Links
GOBASE - The Organelle Genome Database
GOLD Genomes OnLine Database Homepage
Google acquires Deja's Usenet Archive
G-protein coupled receptors. Mutant database.
Graphics Gallery
Gratis Datenbanken
Gravitybox WorldView
Haemophilia B Mutation Database
Hardin MD - Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources - das Wissensarchiv im Internet
Heavy Atom Databank
HEXA Mutation Database Site
HGBASE - Human Genic Bi-Allelic Sequences Database
HIV Protease Database
HIV sequence database
HOBACGEN Homologous Bacterial Genes Database
Homepage Living Lectures - Virtual University WU-Wien
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
HotMolecBase - a database of 'hot molecules'
HOVERGEN Homologous Vertebrate Genes Database
HPV Sequence Database WWW Home Page
Human 2-D PAGE Databases
Human PAX6 Allelic Variant Database - Home Page
iBGD-integrated Buchnera Genome Database-
ICD10 Systematisches Verzeichnis
ICTVdB - A Universal Virus Database
IL2RGbase Database of Mutations Causing Human X-Linked SCID (XSCID-X-SCID)
IMB Jena Biocomputing Group The RNA World Website
IMB Jena Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
IMB Jena Image Library The Amino Acid Repository
Immunglobuline und ihre Funktion
ImMunoGeneTics database Home page
Index of Minerals - Data
Index of -Photos - Aids
INDEX Vector - Sequences, Restriction Sites and Maps
Influenza Sequence Database
International Venom & Toxin Database
IS Workgroup, Search page
ISIS - the intron database
IUPAC Nomenclature Home Page
Jules J. Berman, Ph.D., M.D., Precancer Terminology Page
Julio Celis Database
Kabat Database
kDNA minicircle database
KEGG Encyclopedia
KEGG Metabolic Pathways
KEGG Regulatory Pathways
Klotho Alphabetical Compound List
Klotho Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
Klotho Biochemical Compounds Graphical Catalogue
Korean Journal Abstract Database
Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
Lab Protocols bacterial, general, Yeast, Databases, etc.
Life Science Industry´s Largest Product Database - Andersons Webalog
Linkverzeichnis von Thomas Seilnacht - Kunst - Chemie - Physik - Biologie - Astronomie - Shopping - Sharewae
Lipase Engineering Database
Listing of M13 (pUC) cloning sites
Lists of Genome Centers
Locally Held Databases at the HGMP-RC
lsu rRNA database
MacTutor History of Mathematics
MaizeDB -- Maize Genome Database
Malaria Database
Man and the Biosphere Species Databases (Information Center for the Environment)
Marfan_Home_Page_G.Collod-Béroud and C.Boileau
Martindale's Health Science Guide
MCDB - Faculty Research Yale
MDB (Main Page) - Metalloprotein Site Database & Browser, TSRI
MDL Information Systems - scientific software and databases for chemistry
Medicine-Worldwide Startseite
MedizInfo® Klinikdatenbank
MedPort - Krankheiten
Metabolic Database Folien !!
Metabolic Database
Mineralogy Database
MIT OpenCourseware
MIT Research
MitBASE - Integrated Mitochondrial DNA Database
Mitbase - Pilot - Mitochondrial Biogenesis Database
Mito 2D
ModBase database of Comparative Protein Structure Models
Molecular Biology Databases
Molecular biology Protocols - Leading Internet information provider for biotechnology community.
Molecular Library
Molecular Probe Data Base (MPDB)
Mouse 2-D PAGE Database
Mutation Databases -- Immunodeficiency db
Mutation Databases
Mutation Spectra Database
National Cancer Institute (NCI) CancerNet Database - Main Index
nature science update home
NCBI Entrez Database
NCL Mutation Database Home Page
NDB - The Nucleic Acid Database
NHGRI-NCBI Histone Sequence Database
NIOSH-WHO-International Program on Chemical Safety-International Chemical Safety Cards-International Version-Introduction
NRSub database Non redundant Bac. subt. Database
NRSub Non-Redundant B.subtilis database
NucleaRDB home page
NYU School of Medicine
Oekopro, Chemikaliendatenbank zum produktintegrierten Umweltschutz
Oligonucleotide Probe Database OPD
OMIM Locus-specific mutation database links
Organic Syntheses Website and Database
Österr. Dissertationsdatenbank
p53 Mutation Database Analysis and Search Top
parasite-genome db
PathCalling Yeast Interaction Database
Paul N. Hengen
PDB At A Glance - Binding Protein DB
Pedestrian guide to analysing sequence databases
Penn Engineering __ Computer and Information Science
Pfam Home page (St. Louis) Proteine Fam. DB
Pharmacy DataBases (modem and telnet)
Pharmacy Databases on the WWW
PhosphoBase - A database of phosphorylation sites
Phosphoprotein Database (PPDB)
PLACE database of motifs found in plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements
PLACE Database of Plant Cis-acting Regulatory DNA Elements
PPMdb (14-May-1998)
PRINTS Protein Fingerprint DB
Protein Information Resource Home Page - Protein Sequence Database - Alignment Databases - NRL3D - RESID - FAMBASE - PATCHX - P
Protein Mutant Database
Proteome Databases Home Page Yeast, Pombe, Worm
Proteome Databases Home Page
PROW List of CD Molecules and Alternate Names
Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3 database
RB1-gene mutation database home
Reactive Reports
Release 2.0 of GOBASE -- Organellen DB
Relibase receptor ligand db
Representation of Positionally-Cloned Human Disease Genes by ESTs in dbEST
RESID Database of protein post-translational modifications
Resource Center für Genomforschung - Primary Database
Resource Center-Primary Database
Retrieve from E. coli Stock Center Database
Ribosomal Database Project II
Riechstoff-Lexikon - Index
Saccharomyces Genome Database
SCDb Stem Cell DB
Search in EMP, The Enzymology Database
Search TGDB Tumor DB
Search TGDB
Seilnachts Chemie Links
Serum stimulation database
Sheep MIS Database Query Form
Shortcut to Database
Small RNA database
Smells Database Chemie
Snow Crystals
SNP - A Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
SNP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphismus DB
SorghumDB Home Page
SPAD Signaling PAthway Database
SRPDB Signal Recognition Particle DB
SRPDB Welcome
ssu rRNA database
Stanford Genomic Resources
Steckbriefe für Chemikalien
STN Easy Access to selected databases of STN International
Subviral RNA Database
SVD - Sequence Variation Database project
Taxonomy browser (vectors)
term papers research term papers and essays
The Access Excellence Collection
The Archaeoglobus fulgidus Genome Database
The Bacillus thuringiensis Toxin Specificity Database
The Borrelia burgdorferi Genome Database
The C. elegans Protein Database Wormpep
The Cardiff-Rotterdam Tuberous Sclerosis Mutation Database
The Catalog of Databases Infobiogen
The Catalog of Databases
The Chlamydia pneumoniae Genome Database
The Deinococcus radiodurans Genome Database
The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
The European CD40L immunodef. Defect Database
The Genome Database Search
The Genome Database
The Haemophilus influenzae Genome Database
The Helicobacter pylori Genome Database
The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD)
The Institute for Genomic Research
The Intein Database
The Long QT syndrome database
The Methanococcus jannaschii Genome Database
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genome Database
The Mycoplasma genitalium Genome Database
The National Cancer Institute 3D structure database
The Neisseria meningitidis Genome Database
The ProDom protein domain database
The RCSB Protein Data Bank
The RCSB Protein Data BankPDB
The RNA Modification Database, University of Utah
The rRNA database
The Sanger Centre Web Server
The South Side (of Lake Union, that is) Homey Page
The Stanford Microarray Database - microarray data storage, retrieval, analysis, visualization,
The Thermotoga maritima Genome Database
The Treponema pallidum Genome Database
The WWW Virtual Library Cell Biology Databases
The WWW Virtual Library Model Organisms
Thomas Seilnachts Chemielexikon
TIGR Microbial Database
TMM - Texas Natural History Collections
tmRDB Welcome
TRADAT Transcription Database and Analysis Tools
Transpath Home Page
Transterm - Database of transcript-related information
TU Wien, Institute of Information Systems, Database and Artificial Intelligence Group
UDB, The Unified Database for huGenome Mapping
Umwelt Tatenbank Wer setzt sich fuer unsere Umwelt ein, was hat er getan, was ist der Hintergrund, wie kann ich es nutzen, wo k
Universal Mutation Database
Universitätsbibliothek Wien Datenbanken und Online-Journals
University of Cambridge Department of Pathology
US Long Term Ecological Research Network - Home
V BASE - Introduction -- db of hu antibody
V BASE - Introduction
VIPER Homepag - Alle Viren, Oberflächen, Bilder, etc. Datenbanken
Virus databases online
Vivísimo - Organized Search Results with Document Clustering
VL Micro - Databases
VMD2 Mutation Database
von Willebrand Factor (VWF) Database
Vornamen Datenbank Firstname aus dem Verlagshaus Dumrath und Fassnacht
VWF Database
WDCM World Data Centre for MOs
Webin top page -- The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
Welcome to GlycoSuiteDB
Welcome to HUGE protein database
Welcome to TelDB The Telomer DB
Welcome to the MEROPS database Proteasen
Who-TDR Malaria Database
WIT What is there -- Metabolic db
WORLD-2DPAGE - 2-D PAGE databases and services
WWW Virtual Library
Yeast snoRNA database main
YTPdb home
Z U M - I N T E R N E T, die Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet